GOPRO Adventure, Travelling Vietnam with GAdventures: We’re back! Could not wait to post our Vlog from Vietnam and share with you all! We booked our trip with…
Video Rating: four / five

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  1. Thảo Đặng

    everything in your video is beautiful. I’m Vietnamese, so happy to see my
    country in your video. hahha So flawless, cuz i don’t have a chance to go
    some where out of my place, so when i watched your video, it’s just WOWOW,
    is that my country? Are you sure? hahha hope you will come back, and
    inspire more and more people to come to my country, Thank you so much :3
    Nice trip ^^!

  2. Helene Karlstrøm

    Amazing! Which gopro did you use?

  3. Tanya Burr

    Amazing video, makes me want to go there! :)

  4. BeautyLifeMichelle

    Just getting a chance to watch this now! What an amazing trip!!
    Australia next?!! :p xx

  5. Hollie Wakeham

    loved watching this vlog babes the perfect holiday an adventure xxxxx

  6. HowtobeFancy

    Oh my gosh, it looks so beautiful! What a fun adventure!! x

  7. your vlogs are so cool x

  8. FashionPassion61

    You went to Vietnam! I’m well jel, I’d love to go to Vietnam one day! It
    looks amazing from the video, hope you had fun xxx

  9. Loved this so much! Vietnam is one of the places I really want to explore!

  10. Sharon Long

    Looks amazing guys xx

  11. Kellie Cockcroft

    Looks like a fun packed, amazing adventure. X

  12. IvanaKutina

    Looks amazing, so beautiful :) 

  13. Babooshka Bamboo

    Love how you’ve edited/produced the video

  14. Thank you for sharing your trip! I hope you had a great time in Vietnam- my

  15. 365 docobites

    What a great video! Travel is such an adventure with a million stories to
    tell, thanks for sharing :D

  16. Brilliant video, brought back all my memories of Vietnam last year, I did
    the ‘Vietnam, Laos and Thailand adventure’ with G-adventures/STA. Was the
    best thing I’ve ever done! Vietnam was my favourite, hope you enjoyed it as
    much as I did! x

  17. Kawser Ayoub


  18. Carly Rowena


  19. Annie Cheadle

    I’ve just got back from Vietnam and watching this is making me reminisce!
    Isn’t Hoi An like something out of a movie set it’s so cute!! Glad you had
    a good time xx

  20. LavenderBeauteX0

    Lol going through that tunnel looked scaryy

  21. Nhã THANH Lưu

    Did u join my hometown it wonderful right ?
    lov u

  22. Isha Amelia

    I’m glad to see you had an amazing time! Xx 

  23. Vivan Nhi

    I literally was really excited for this because I was born there!!

  24. Did you enjoy the food Carly? 

  25. I’m sooo jelllyyy :( did the price for a trip included the tickets?

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