New to Tokyo Cheapo? Study this. We’ve place together an introductory guide that will support you use our (invaluable) sources to get the most out of Tokyo on a spending budget. From affordable ramen to low-cost techniques of acquiring from the airport into town and a lot more, do not set out till you’ve had a appear at our funds-saving tips (and random cute animals).

Welcome to Tokyo – one particular of the most pricey cities on the planet! This is a location exactly where it’s easy to devote upwards of three 000 yen (30 US dollars) per particular person on a easy meal, if you don’t know exactly where to look. That’s where we come in. We’ll guide you to very good bargains so you can save some yen with out scrimping on your experience of this crazy capital city.

Pic by Peter Broster, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by Peter Broster, employed below a Inventive Commons licence.

If you are just landing or if you’re jetting off somewhere, verify out our well-liked posts on the Least expensive Techniques of Acquiring To and From Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. We’ve even integrated a handy step-by-step photo guide to the Narita trains, so you will be capable to breeze by way of the ticket barriers in no time. We’ve even got language guides with survival Japanese for issues like making use of the subway. Save that expensive JR Rail Pass for your actual sightseeing – we have information on other rail passes that may possibly prove more beneficial.

Capsule hotel pic by Fougerouse Arnaud, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Capsule hotel pic by Fougerouse Arnaud, utilised beneath a Creative Commons licence.

Seeking for a spending budget-friendly hotel, or possibly a capsule to crash in? Our Accommodation Listings cover every little thing from world wide web cafes to these well-liked coffin-like compartments, hostels and higher(er)-finish areas. We update the pages weekly with specific bargains. Interested in a “rest” at a single of the city’s many Love Hotels? We even show you how to save some coin on that.

Pic by Jeff Laitila, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by Jeff Laitila, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Hungry? Regardless of whether you are following conveyor belt sushi, 500-yen pizza, soba noodles, tempura, curry or the afore-pointed out affordable ramen, you’ll discover one thing cost-effective (and mapped) on our Eating and Drinking pages. You can brush up on your Restaurant Japanese just before heading out. You’ll also locate our Ebenezer-esque choose of craft beers, happy hours and chilled, inexpensive watering holes where you can unwind after a long day at work or touring Tokyo. Speaking of which, our mega-guide of Free of charge and Cheap Issues to Do may come in handy.

Pic by inefekt69, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by inefekt69, utilised beneath a Creative Commons licence.

Not positive what the difference or distance in between Shinjuku and Shibuya is? Our Region Guides can point you in the appropriate direction.

Pic by tokyofoodcast, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by tokyofoodcast, employed below a Inventive Commons licence.

If you are keen on obtaining the freshest sashimi in all of Tokyo, there are 9 Things You’ll Want to Know Just before Visiting Tsukiji Fish Marketplace. And if you are organizing a trip to Tokyo Disney Planet or Sea, you might be interested in Approaches to Save Funds whilst you’re there.

Buying at Japan’s legendary 100-yen shops? Study all about the classiest ones here. Frugal style? You can locate trendy bargains at treasure troves like Mode Off and Shimamura. Or how about a Vintage Kimono at a Discount Price?

Pic by Annie Guilloret used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by Annie Guilloret utilised under a Creative Commons licence.

If lugging all those great deals house has you worn out, you may well be in the mood for a soak in one particular of Tokyo’s Hot Springs and Baths. Or how about a Cheap Massage?

Pic by Hector Garcia, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by Hector Garcia, utilised beneath a Inventive Commons licence.

Keen on taking in some a lot more culture? Check out Tokyo’s museums, sumo, or architecture. Want to get some fresh air and exercise other than walking the streets? We’ve got your back for hiking, camping, swimming, indoor climbing, parks, and a lot more.

Shocked by the lack of free of charge wifi in Tokyo? So are we. But until the city sorts itself out in that respect, here’s a nifty List of Cafes That Provide Totally free Wifi, so you can sip coffee and operate (or pore over our Facebook page and Twitter feed) to your heart’s content. If you mean enterprise in Tokyo, our ideas on Low-cost Printing and Virtual Offices may well be useful as well. Looking for a bicycle? Here’s how to hook 1 up for next to practically nothing.

Pic by Dan, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by Dan, used beneath a Creative Commons licence.

We also have a bunch of Low cost and Cost-free Events listed, and we do this rather handy wrap called the Cheapo Weekend, which tends to make preparing your Saturdays and Sundays super easy and economical. Take a appear at our bi-monthly Leading five Events posts also, then give your eyes a break and tune in to our monthly podcasts.

vegetarian eats in Meguro

Brown rice plate at Alaska Photo by Selena Hoy

We’re usually adding heaps of other (hopefully) awesome stuff to the website, like 1-Day Itineraries and Healthful Eating Guides (we may well be cheap, but we do not live on cup ramen), so tell us what you’d like to see, and we might just function it. Leave us a comment or hit us up in the social media sphere. And if you’re interested in writing for us oneself,  you read a lot more about how to do that, here.

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