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Basic Guide to Giving and Receiving Directions in Japanese

When living the cheapo life, the final thing you want to do is get lost and be forced into a costly taxi ride. Building on final month’s guide to transport Japanese, in this post we’ll cover the basics of giving and receiving directions in Japanese so you can usually find your way to your location, with out paying for the privilege.


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Asking for Directions

Let’s begin off with the most fundamental question that you can use for all occasions:

English (E): Excuse me. Exactly where is …?
Japanese (J): Sumimasen. … wa doko desu ka?

If you want to be a bit a lot more fancy and specifically ask an individual how to get to a particular spot, you could say anything like this:

E: Excuse me. How do I get to …?
J: Sumimasen. … ni wa dōyatte ikimasu ka?

Police boxes are always a good place to ask for directions.

Police boxes are always great

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10/18/2014 — Nishinoshima Volcano erupts in Japan – 西之島 火山 – Japanese Coast Guard HD video

Links under to HD photographs, animated .gif of the eruption, and hyperlinks to the originals. Special thanks to Earthspace103 for obtaining this out!!! Be sure to subscribe to their channel right here: http://www…
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10 Tips for Dating Japanese Girls and Guys

dating japanese girls and guys

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Following on from our tongue-in-cheek “cheap sex” article, we decided to revisit the fascinating topic of dating Japanese girls and guys in Tokyo. The language barriers and cultural differences can make for some interesting, frustrating and entertaining mishaps, especially for those new to Japan. So myself, Grace (famous for her “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy” story) and Martin of Asian Dating Monthly have put our heads together and distilled our combined two decades of Japanese dating experience to bring you these top tips.

In Japan it’s not uncommon for singles to spend hundreds of thousands of yen on “konkatsu” (婚活) or marriage hunting services! However we don’t think you need to allocate more than a few hundred yen for your dating budget, so save yourself and your potential mate all the expenses by observing our top dating tips below.

1. The Easiest Place to Meet

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The Japanese Love Industry

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Getting Around: A Survival Guide to Transport Japanese

With all the awesome totally free and low cost events happening every single week in and about Tokyo, you will no doubt locate oneself attempting to navigate the frequently confusing train, subway and bus networks. Following on from last month’s guide to restaurant Japanese, in this write-up, we’ll look at some beneficial Japanese inquiries and expressions that will aid you discover your way around this vast metropolis.

Finding your Way to your Destination

The initial point that you might require to ask when attempting to get from A to B is how to get there. A straightforward way to ask that question is:

English (E): How do I get to…?
Japanese (J): douyatte … ni ikimasu ka?

E: Where is the train/bus to…?
J: … yuki no densha/basu wa doko desu ka?

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Tadaku: Hands-on Experience of Japanese Home Cooking


We all want to consume, pray, and really like (food) like Anthony Bourdain does in his travel Television show, No Reservations. But why do we dream of being him out of all the celebrities that travel and eat like kings for perform?

The secret lies in one obligatory scene of each and every episode – the meal scene with the locals. The grandmothers and mothers of the host, often the ideal chefs in the village, roll up their sleeves and place collectively an array of genuine residence-cooked meals, and as Bourdain arrives, the complete family members or the village breaks the bread and feasts like it is the final supper of their lives. It is the nostalgic meal, laughter, and memories that Bourdain shares with the locals that make his trips so amazing.

I reside alone and my loved ones lives thousands of miles away, so I never thought … Read the rest