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  1. There really is no excuse or reason for buying illegal bootlegs. You
    claimed the reason for them is so you can finally play the game yourself.
    You don’t need bootleg to do this. You can either use emulation or use a
    flash cart. The flash cart will be cheaper and you have the 100% perfect
    experience, the same as the original. Buying these illegal reproductions
    is a bad idea because it is supporting crooks selling illegal software, and
    it takes money away from legitimate games one could otherwise buy with that
    money. We all have a limited amount of money and if we as retrogamers all
    decide to really buy into these things and spend our real money on it, that
    diverts money away from what could go to legitimate products, like flash
    carts, or new games or whatever. /end rant.

  2. XrosBlader821

    PS vita has a pc engine emulator in japan.
    just sayan

  3. HappyConsoleGamer


  4. TheVJProduction


  5. TalesOfGamerz

    Kaze isn’t pronounced like “case”… It’s Kah-zseh.

  6. Rainversey

    That Ninja game looks sooo sweet!
    I love your videos regarding PC Engine ^_^ Always such awesome games.

  7. Why don’t you get a flash card for the PC Engine instead?

  8. Alles Gute kommt aus Bayern ^^

  9. useless1997

    Well, the PC Egnine isn’t really an 8-bit console isn’t it? More like
    middle ground between 8 and 16 bit as I understand it.

  10. zeroXshinobi

    theres a game for the pc engine i never knew the game of it
    the main character is a dude with a red jacket and he has a hawk/eagle as a

  11. Eddy Finnemore

    the ninja game looks like a poor mans shinobi 3

  12. musicotaku666

    but isnt it also illegal to re-sell bootlegs? i mean they make money off
    products they dont own? please clarify this. interesting topic.

  13. Zero Walker

    Okey im not a huge super real deal game collector but I never understand
    what´s the big deal the have the original game im just glad I can have the
    game and enjoy it reproduction or not. I collect games I like and want to
    play and if I can get 10 game for the price of 2 games I dont care
    about reproduction or pre-owned. 

  14. Sylphia if i may say looks like the Genesis/Mega-Drive game Phelios crossed
    with M.U.S.H.A.

  15. 3killabytes

    I have a strange question that kind of pertains to the subject. Say there
    is a major Anime released over in Japan that’s from 1998. It’s been
    remastered in HD and released on Bluray but not made available in North
    America. Do you download it, import it or wait for a North American
    release? Thoughts? Personally I find it extremely hard waiting for these
    types of things because I’m a sucker for a clearer image. 

  16. Darkside780

    Johnny is there a way we can see you do a full playthrough of a game or
    maybe a short series of you and Rob playing a game together? 

  17. Welcome back to another episowwd

  18. RetroRanime

    Great video man :) I love my PC Engine :) really hard to collect for in OZ
    though. Just need a TurboGrafx Duo now and im set :)

  19. Feigndall

    While not the exact same a reproduction. A Japanese company called
    Amusement Center have a service called Project EGG which is basically
    exactly like Nintendo’s Virtual Console service except specializing in
    Japanese computer games as well as PC Engine games. Only for PC
    unfortunately. But the best part is that AC actually print physical copies
    of these emulated games as well with reproduced manuals and artwork. They
    tend to put them into collections.
    For example the entire Valis series got a boxset with all the games on one
    disc and and printed materials packaged with it. Full color as well.
    Unfortunately the service is only for Japan and you’d need to use a
    forwarding service to get the physical items. But there is no region
    restrictions to using Project EGG.
    Not the same, I know, but it’s cool nonetheless and totally legal. As the
    IP holders of the games have to give permission to AC and I think they
    actually do profit from it.
    It’s really great for the Japanese computer games because the chance of
    someone paying the high price to import a Japanese computer from the 80s to
    a play a few games is small. Much more convenient.

    Secondly, to all people getting at Johnny for mispronouncing Japanese…
    come on guys. He doesn’t know the language, isn’t learning it, it makes
    sense for him to not know how to pronounce it. Don’t give him a hard time
    over what he doesn’t know.

  20. Vexxed Sprites

    The PC engine is, unfortunately, a console that I have very little
    experience with, so it’s always great to learn of new games.

  21. 316whatupz

    I feel bittersweet about reproductions for the same reasons, Johnny.
    However, I’ll still purchase them just so I can have fun playing them…if
    the price is right.

  22. briansivley2001

    There’s just one game I am keeping an eye on ebay for but like these games
    it’s expensive it’s called Pulseman for the Sega Mega Drive or the Sega
    Genesis here in America and the reason I want it is because of it’s history
    and the developer who did it. Pulseman was developed by Game Freak and yes
    that Game Freak the very same one who makes the Pokemon Games and created
    the franchise and Pulseman was a pre Pokemon game and it was more like a
    Megaman game so I really would like to have it in cartage form but I don’t
    have the money for it. And I do know about the reproduction carts out there
    but I will not get it because it’s not the original game I wish someone at
    Game Freak if they are reading this please remake Pulseman please so I
    could play it and maybe the original game would go down in price.

  23. DvdXploitr

    I am glad they put the notice on there that they are reproduction games.
    It would really suck to pay $300+ for a game to find out its not the real
    game. I would buy reproductions without hesitation knowing its a

  24. tenzmoon

    Love your videos man. 

  25. 123doomdoom

    How much is it? You nor the website mentions the cost. Please tell us.

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