Kids grow fast, which puts them in the perfect condition to take advantage of trends. By the time a trend is over and done with, they’ll have outgrown their trendy clothing and can move on to something new.

Because of this, your child may want to try out some of this years hottest shoe trends. There are a number of interesting trends in winter shoes, and there’s something out there that just about any kid can enjoy. Here’s what your child might want on their feet this season.

One of the hottest trends revolves around boots. While boots are a winter necessity, many kids are opting to wear a different kind of boot. Instead of wearing thick, insulated winter boots, they wear lighter rain boots with a removable liner. These liners can be swapped out, allowing kids to wear mix and match styles.

Boot-like sneakers are also on trend. These sneakers have a thick, high sole, and a much higher-rise than standard athletic shoes. These shoes can easily be worn with a simple casual outfit, but won’t be ruined if a child wears them when they play in the snow.

When it comes to indoor shoes, casual loafers are extremely popular. Many kids only wear loafers when they’re dressing up, but these everyday loafers can easily be paired with a pair of jeans. Some of them even have a spot for a penny, which should make any child smile with delight.

If your kid wants to be on trend, have them check out these hot new shoe styles. After all, they need something to keep their feet covered this winter. It might as well be something that’s on trend. These styles are affordable and perfect for any kid.