Getting to School and High School Life in Japan!

Believed I would show you guys a bit of my every day life in Japan, like how I get to school, what my neighbourhood appears like, and some videos inside college!…
Video Rating: four / five

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  1. Gilberto Solorio

    nothing more sad than WHite ppl who wish they were asian

  2. Dallas Bishop

    Wow, beautiful. Also recognize the Vocaloid song ^_^. I have a few
    questions. Where in Japan do you reside? How old are you and what kind of
    Visa do you have? I’m moving to Japan to teach English so I have a lot of
    questions. Thanks!

  3. Joel D. Vasconsuelo Martinez

    *-* your so cute :3 . Interesting a exchange student, look so cool. (sorry
    about my english i dont know good with it. >.< )

  4. Khawllah Aljaloud

    you just earned a new subscriber and i really wish to study there but i
    can’t T_T

  5. Himariki Hitachiin

    so do all japanese schools have uniforms????

  6. Russell Siete

    Exchange student huh? Just a question, but how rich do you need to be to be
    a foreign exchange student? In my college there’s students from Japan,
    Germany, Italy, and other countries. By the way you all look cute with
    those outfits. 

  7. Shiheki UndSo

    6:23 the boys don´t care about the camera. so funny :D

    Question: Which class do you go? I mean like in Germany /USA. Class
    8.9.10… or Highschool something like that. ? And how old are you?

  8. kanadajin3


  9. Ramie Zhango

    Whoa are you consistently riding a bike with one hand? I can do that but
    unlike you I would probably crash into some car after a few minutes haha

  10. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Weeaboos man, weeaboos, can’t talk smack I am one, so jelly, also which
    anime is that song from, I forgot.

  11. lyhthegreat

    how do u ride a bike while wearing skirt??

  12. Laurie Piché


  13. Kat Loves Osaka

    I am tearing up, I love small towns of Japan!! I miss so much, Enjoy EVERY
    MINUTE, it will pass fast. Willl you be going to University in Japan too?
    No one will take that bike at a school ;) Never do that in any other
    locations. Drunks sometimes confuse it with their bike lol.

    ALSO you can bring in your own slippers you have, get one at Daiso,
    something more comfortable, those kind are so un comfortable and sweaty. I
    have a pair that was made with some bamboo.

  14. DoubleDJDave

    How long does it take you to get to school?

  15. 5:20
    Did i just see a Baju Melayu? a traditional malaysian outfit? XD i’m so

  16. Marcos Contreras

    I can see u respond a lot of comments, thats good lol, i have a question,
    how many guys do you in your class? i just saw like 3 in the photo at the
    end of the video jaja

  17. 4 guys only? What is that? Ōsai Gakuen? First video of yours to watch and I
    think I will subscribe due to two reason: 1. you stopped in your tracks to
    film a GTR, 2. you bought my fave sports drink Pocari Sweat, which I used
    to drink, but is not available anymore. Just kidding, I liked your video
    and you are cute, so.

  18. Do you have a tongue ring? If so, what kind of flak/reaction do you get
    from ppl?

  19. You road a bike go off the bike got on a train. To get on another train.
    Then you got back on a bike. Do you have 2 bikes?

  20. pumpkim autumn

    How tall are you? Cause your pretty tall “lucky”

  21. JasonKillerxD

    man, i regret not being a exchange student when i was in high school. i
    just love how the school system is over there.

    but I i’ll be visiting the country soon enough. the video was amazing.
    what camera were you using for this video if you don’t mind me asking.

  22. WoozyArts

    Thanks for posting this video I really enjoyed it :DDD, I’m only 15 but im
    wondering if I should go study abroad. Is it a lot more expensive and is
    the work there much harder?

  23. So… 5 dudes and like, 25 girls? I should have been an exchange student
    when I had the chance.

  24. Psychocrysma

    So, was it fun? Was it hard? What do you think of the Educational System?
    What do you think of the population/cities? What about the country itself?
    Any tips?

    Also, may I ask where that is?

    Also, should I take it that you don’t speak Japanese (because you speak in
    English in the video, duh)

  25. Gerelmaa Sergelen


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