Curious about what it’s like to be a freelance photographer in Tokyo? Here’s some insight into what it is all about.

How lengthy have you been in Tokyo and exactly where had been you ahead of?

I’ve lived in Tokyo for about 5 years now, and I moved right here from Northern California.

What brought you to Japan/Tokyo?

I’ve had an interest in Japanese language, culture, and media because middle school, and the interest progressively ballooned as I discovered more. The deal was sealed soon after I fell in enjoy with Japanese music and met several Japanese exchange students at my university I was moving to Tokyo right after graduation.

Tell us a bit about your operate life in Tokyo?

I 1st worked as a full time English instructor with a firm for two years, then a full time “OL” for two years, all the although creating my interests and passions in what little spare time I had. Ultimately, I quit last year to go freelance.

A Tokyo Night

A Tokyo Night

Briefly describe a standard day in your life?

There generally is not a common day each day can be entirely diverse from the 1 just before. My operate includes going out for photoshoots, narration/singing recordings, editing, email communication with clients, working on my blog, and a range of other tasks… it really depends on what is essential for that specific day. But I really like the variety.

What do you like most and least about Tokyo?

Most: the energy, the motivation I gain from getting in such an fascinating city filled with inventive men and women who aren’t afraid to go after their dreams.
Least: it’s really pricey to reside right here!

What’s your biggest expense?

Rent, bills, food – the necessities of life.
In terms of most high-priced buy up to now, probably my camera, which I use for photography operate.

What do you blow funds on (i.e. what’s the fruit of all your cheapo savings)?

Meals, such as fruit that I’m usually also cheap to get since it’s so pricey right here, and books from Kinokuniya!



What are your prime 3 Tokyo cheapo tips?

1. Go to grocery retailers in between 7-10 PM, when they mark down rates, specifically when things go for half off! Cooking at property, rather than eating out or making use of the conbini, can also save a huge chunk.
two. Schedule appointments or outings back to back if achievable, which saves train fare rather of getting to go out and back property several occasions on various occasions. Train fares can really add up!
three. Do factors that are enjoyable and totally free, like going to a park, taking a stroll through a component of the city you’ve in no way visited ahead of, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have a website/social media account for men and women/stalkers who’d like to uncover out a lot more about you?


My internet site &amp blog: http://www.paintwithstars.com
My photography portfolio: http://www.photo.paintwithstars.com
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/aozorafantasii
Twitter: https://twitter.com/paintwstars
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paintwithstars
Instagram: http://instagram.com/paintwstars

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