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Haunts for Halloween: Cheapo Guide to Costumes and Parties in Tokyo

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Collect round, cheapo ghoulies and ghosties the haunting season has arrived! Rehearse your most blood-curdling screams, choose up your cape from the dry cleaner, unearth your robes from the mothballs – it is time to get ghastly.

Bizarre Boutiques

Go a tiny overboard with the sandwiches this summer? Attend 1 also a lot of drinking parties? Is your favored frightening frock bursting at the seams? Or just looking for some thing a little much more this season? If money is no object and you can afford to splash out (we’re looking at you, vampires), Tokyu Hands has a excellent choice of dastardly duds. But for the rest of us, Don Quixote or Village Vanguard has a variety of ready-to-wear beginning about 1 000 yen. For crafty creatures with a lot more time (and less funds) on their hands, one hundred yen shops like Daiso and Seria have a bunch of … Read the rest

10 Tips for Dating Japanese Girls and Guys

dating japanese girls and guys

|credit| Photo by mrhayata

Following on from our tongue-in-cheek “cheap sex” article, we decided to revisit the fascinating topic of dating Japanese girls and guys in Tokyo. The language barriers and cultural differences can make for some interesting, frustrating and entertaining mishaps, especially for those new to Japan. So myself, Grace (famous for her “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy” story) and Martin of Asian Dating Monthly have put our heads together and distilled our combined two decades of Japanese dating experience to bring you these top tips.

In Japan it’s not uncommon for singles to spend hundreds of thousands of yen on “konkatsu” (婚活) or marriage hunting services! However we don’t think you need to allocate more than a few hundred yen for your dating budget, so save yourself and your potential mate all the expenses by observing our top dating tips below.

1. The Easiest Place to Meet

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Hotel Nikko plans Thailand debut

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Cheapo Weekend for October 18-19: Diwali, Floats and Balancing Acts


|credit| Photo by utilitarian used below CC

Hunting for something low cost and great to do in Tokyo or Yokohama this weekend? From a beach fireworks show to historical Japanese festivals and Diwali celebrations, there’s heaps of low-budget entertaining to be had.

If you want to see some old-college Japanese enjoyable, there are two traditional festivals worth checking out on Saturday and Sunday. At the Koto Ward Citizens Festival you will be able to see individuals attempting (mainly failing) to balance on floating logs, and lots of other timber-associated tricks celebrating the area’s history. The Kawagoe Festival in Saitama characteristics much more pomp and ceremony, with a parade of impressive floats featuring exquisitely crafted dolls. There will be a sort of float face-off with orchestra music, which is usually enjoyable.

Over in Yokohama, Yamashita Park will be decked out for the Diwali festival of lights celebrations. In addition to stunning … Read the rest

9 Things you Should Know Before Visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction

The Tsukiji Fish Market appears in literally every guide book about Tokyo and on most people’s tour itinerary plus entrance is free! It is the largest wholesale fish market in Tokyo, and one of the largest fish markets in the world. It also has a kick-ass Tuna Auction before the sun rises most mornings. The Tsukiji Fish Market is destined to relocate to a larger and slightly more inconvenient location (in Toyosu) – a move that will be complete in late 2016. However, until then, there is a giant fish market and live tuna auction just begging to be seen.

Also, did I mention the live tuna auction is free?

Tsukiji Fish Market Live Tuna Auction Tokyo Japan

1. To watch the famous Tuna Auction at the Tsukiji Fish Market, you must get there at around 4:00am.

The opening hours are 3:30am – 6:00am and there are two sets of 60 people who are allowed to watch the … Read the rest

Nikoniko Rentacar – Cheap Enough to Make you Smile

Nikoniko implies “to smile broadly” in Japanese. However, if you’ve ever rented a car from 1 of the large rental car businesses in Japan, the hole it left in your wallet almost certainly left you crying. While the likes of Toyota Rentacar, Orix and Nippon Rentacar charge 7,020yen, 7,290yen and 8,316yen respectively for 24 hours use of a compact vehicle, Nikoniko charges just three,800yen for the very same class of automobile.

Looks small but comfortably fit two adults and two kids.

Appears tiny but comfortably fits two adults and two kids.

To put that in even a lot more viewpoint, that’s less costly even than 100yen Rent-a-car and considerably cheaper for extended use than making use of a single of the automobile sharing applications like Times Vehicle Plus.

To prove we consume our personal dog meals, I recently tried out Nikoniko Rentacar on a trip to Nagano. Rather than navigate my way out of the concrete expanse of Tokyo, … Read the rest

3 Cheapo Ideas for a Rainy Day in Tokyo

Place away that teruterubouzu (a Japanese rain repelling charm) and embrace the drizzly day. Due to Tokyo’s densely packed buildings, you can do virtually anything in the rain with one particular umbrella. But everyone knows opening and closing your umbrella every single time you enter and exit a constructing is a hassle, so take this opportunity to attempt some activities that will hold you dry and entertained. Right here are 3 recommendations of what to do and where to go.


|credit| Photo by Eddy Milfort utilised under CC

1. Discover the Malls

There are a lot of malls that contain the complete package from buying to meals courts and restaurants to entertainment locations. Have youngsters to entertain? Even greater. LaLaport, a Purchasing Park situated in Toyosu has numerous household friendly activities, which includes Adventure Island, which is a play area for children below eight, or Kidzania where children can encounter … Read the rest

Tranquility, tradition in Hangzhou

Buddha statues in Feilai Peak.An idyllic lake crisscrossed by wooden boats, terraced green tea plantations and a large-bellied Buddha carved centuries ago into a rocky cliff: Hangzhou, 125 miles south of Shanghai, has much more than adequate attractions to be a leading location in China for North American guests.

But although the city of 8 million residents is currently wildly well-liked with Chinese tourists, the capital of Zhejiang province is not nicely recognized outdoors the nation.

Hangzhou tourist officials want to alter that and persuade foreign visitors to add several days to their China itineraries in this southeast city in the Yangtze River delta. That may possibly sound overly ambitious, but soon after spending time there in April I left sharing our bubbly guide’s enthusiasm for the city numerous Chinese contact “Paradise on Earth.”

Proximity to Shanghai is a plus: Hangzhou is a one-hour ride away through bullet train. But a classically lovely lake … Read the rest

Frugally Skating Tokyo

Tokyo’s transportation technique is amazing. But if you ride the train frequently, you’ll discover your self feeding numerous 1 000 yen bills into the ticket machines on a monthly basis. Enter the skateboard.


Why Skate?

  1. It’s cost-free and it is enjoyable. By skateboarding, you preserve cash in your wallet although simultaneously enjoying the city sights. 一石二鳥. Distances of 1 to 4km are optimum for a skateboard cruise. Every time you steer clear of a crowded stinky train you will be saving anyplace from 130~200 yen. It may possibly not appear like much, but it all adds up!
  2.  It saves time. Walking is boring. A tedious 20-minute stroll can become an exhilarating 8-minute skateboard session. Time is cash.
  3.  When you do ride the train, you can effortlessly bring your skateboard and then discover areas as soon as you attain your destination. If it is open, put your skateboard on the luggage
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Favorite Fall Flavors

A chill is in the air and yesterday I was even moved to turn on my oven and make soup. If the drop in temperature is provoking you to pack on a tiny additional insulation, study on. What follows is a roundup of some of the seasonal sweets that are hitting the shelves and snackeries about town.


|credit| Photo by coniferconifer utilized below CC


Chestnuts are the king of autumn sweets in Japan. These spiky treasures, named kuri, are staunch favorites, and you can not turn about with no seeing one thing “marron” (due to the fact French is fancy), be it cake, drinks, or cronuts.

In their pure form, you can get coal-roasted chestnuts from street vendors about this time (verify places like around Thunder Gate at Asakusa), but these have a tendency to be costly, running 500 yen or a lot more for a tiny bag … Read the rest

Etihad forms airline alliance

Etihad Airways Partner logoEtihad Airways has designed a fourth airline alliance, Etihad Airways Partners, which it describes as a group of “like-minded airlines” that will work to coordinate their networks, schedules and enhanced frequent flyer benefits.

In addition to Etihad, the initial alliance members are Airberlin, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, Jet Airways and Darwin Airlines. Etihad mentioned that any airline can join the alliance, even if they already belong to an existing alliance. Airberlin, for instance, belongs to Oneworld.

“We are broadening our company model to articulate and define a companion proposition for like-minded airlines which will outcome in synergies and efficiencies for participating airlines on the 1 side, and enhanced network selection, service and frequent flyer benefits for the consumer on the other,” mentioned James Hogan, president and CEO of Etihad.

Abu Dhabi-primarily based Etihad, the fastest-developing of the three key Gulf carriers, is putting its personal logo on the new alliance … Read the rest

Cheapo Weekend for October 11-13: Sacred Lights, Tea Ceremony and Train Mania

Tea Ceremony

|credit| Photo by Roger Walch

It is another long weekend in Tokyo – and there are heaps of approaches to commit it with no spending these tough-earned yen. Take, for instance …

The fireworks show in Narita (the city, not the airport) on Saturday evening. This laid-back event is possibly your last chance to catch the famed “fire flowers” till next summer.

If you’re in Ikebukuro, be positive to check out the second component of the Fukuro Festival. It is a likelihood to see taiko drumming, all sorts of Japanese dance styles, and portable shrines being carted about – great enjoyable.

Edogawa cheapos could be interested in the low-key city festival taking place at Shinozaki Park on Sunday.

Any train-loving cheapos out there? You’ll want to catch the Railway Festival in Hibiya – lots of cool stuff there.

Classy types with a taste for traditional culture very best take themselves … Read the rest

Island insights during a Tahiti stopover

En route to French Polynesia, I stopped in Los Angeles for lunch with Nick Panza, Air Tahiti Nui’s vice president, Americas.

He handed me “My Island House” by James Norman Hall, co-author of “Mutiny on the Bounty.” It was in the course of the 1962 filming of “Mutiny” that Marlon Brando became enamored of French Polynesia.

NancyHall-Rutgers-NickRutgers-AWPanza also recommended that I check out James Norman Hall Home on Tahiti.

On my initial layover there, Pleasant Holidays arranged sightseeing with Marama Tours, which includes visits to a monument commemorating the mutineers and internet sites exactly where the film was shot. But time was short — no museum check out.

Ahead of flying house, I produced it there, and Panza was right — Hall had led a fascinating life.

The museum’s director asked if I wanted to meet Nancy Hall-Rutgers, the author’s daughter, and so I went to her home.

She and … Read the rest

Isari Juuhachiban: Shibuya’s Best Value Lunch Catch

Isari Juu Hachiban is 1 of these restaurants that hides in plain sight. Unless someone tells you to take note, you would stroll correct previous. It’s second storey position and hard to read name make it a less than clear place to stumble into.


The name in Japanese is ‘漁十八番’. That mysterious very first character (at least to a semi-literate Japanese reader like me) means ‘catch’, so the name of the restaurant implies “Catch No. 18″. We’re not confident of the significance of the number 18, but probably it shows they’ve had a bit of practice before producing this inexpensive, cheery, excellent value seafood restaurant.


The interior is light and tightly packed with lots of light stained timber – like a harbourside shokudo appear which is really close to becoming a cliche. The lunch menu consists of 8 various sets ranging in cost from 500yen to 1,000yen – which includes … Read the rest

Brand Brando

Describe Marlon Brando and you could be suggesting key phrases to position a modern luxury resort: Authentic. Unpredictable. Independent. Intense. Inventive. Rebellious. Innovative. Mysterious. Sexy.

The talented and charismatic actor was all of the above, and this previous summer his surname became the flag of a French Polynesian resort.

The alignment of the Brando brand and Tetiaroa, the unpopulated island he bought and utilised as a personal retreat for the final decades of his life, attracted outsized attention for a house that has only 35 keys. (Click here or on the image for a larger Read the rest

Sanctuary Ananda debuts in Myanmar

Sanctuary Ananda suite renderingSanctuary Retreats has launched its new boutique river cruiser in Myanmar, the 42-passenger Sanctuary Ananda, ahead of schedule.

The Ananda was constructed more than 18 months by regional shipbuilders.

In advance of the Sanctuary Ananda’s maiden voyage from Mandalay to Bagan on Nov. 15, the ship will host far more than 100 travel agents and tour operators on a series of inaugural cruises.

The Sanctuary Ananda has 21 suites, ranging in size from 291 square feet to the owner’s suite at 721 square feet. There are also two dining venues as well as a plunge pool and indoor and outside lounge areas on the sun deck. The Thambyadine Spa on the lower Yangon Deck delivers massages, manicures and pedicures.

The vessel will be sailing four- and seven-evening Discovery Cruises in between Bagan and Mandalay and seven-, 10- and 11-evening Exploration Cruises that consist of the Upper and Decrease Irrawaddy rivers … Read the rest

Much Mexican: La Jolla

You stroll out of Exit 1 from Hiroo station, turn correct, and then turn a corner to attain the Hiroo purchasing street. Walking down that street, you stomach growls. Seeking left and proper you can see a lot of food choices. Multiple pasta restaurants, noodle restaurants, and of course, a Starbucks too. Even so, if you want something a small more unusual for Japan, keep walking with your head tilted up and you will see a signboard with a sombrero on it. Welcome to La Jolla.


Walking up the stairs to get to the restaurant on the second floor, it’s tough to envision how quaint the interior is. From sharpied signatures on the wall that read, “lots of love, from Turkey”, and “I’m from America!” to the soft lighting and friendly faces – its effortless appeal can make you feel really at residence.


About 1 in the afternoon, the location … Read the rest

Australian government allows Expedia’s Wotif takeover

The Australian Competition and Customer Commission mentioned Thursday that it won’t oppose Expedia Inc.’s proposed acquisition of Holdings.

Expedia in July announced its agreement to obtain the Australian on the web travel agency (OTA) for $ 703 million Australian dollars (about $ 618 million at today’s exchange price).

Rod Sims, the competition regulator’s chairman, said the acquisition “was unlikely to diminish the dynamic nature of the sector.”

“Disruptive developments from smaller OTAs and from organizations in connected on the internet sectors, such as the metasearch providers, can be expected to constrain Expedia in the future,” Sims stated.

Sims pointed out that, which launched Australia operations in 2008, had “grown rapidly to turn out to be the largest OTA in Australia.” He also noted the growth of TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Finder in Australia.

Sims said the commission “noted” hotels’ issues that they could end up paying higher commissions … Read the rest

Interview with Thespian Cheapo Andrew Woolner


What do you like most and least about Tokyo?

Most: Challenging to believe of just one thing. I feel Japan in general is a single of the best locations to reside in the complete world.

Least: God damn, but it is simple to get lost.

Who are you and what are your Cheapo credentials?

I’m an idiot or an idealist, depending on your point of view or your politics. I left the I.T. sector far more than 4 years ago in order to try to make a living running a non-profit theatre company in Japan. That theatre business is the Yokohama Theatre Group (YTG). I like to joke that we are the best-kept secret in Yokohama. I do not like that it really seems to be correct.

In any case, as you can think about, the last four years have seen some belt tightening. Luckily, I’ve constantly been a cheapo, … Read the rest

How to Use Shibaura House: A Video Guide to the Designer Tokyo Community Space

Shibaura House is a community space in the Tokyo district of Shibaura, a neighborhood in the south of the city near the port. The fashionable glass developing was made by Kazuyo Sejima and hosts private functions, as nicely as standard workshops and art events. Here’s how to make the most of this cool spot.


There’s constantly anything happening at the neighborhood centre – cheap creative events for youngsters, dance workshops, yoga lessons, cooking and meals events, and far more. You can verify the Shibaura Property Facebook page for photographs from previous events.

You can rent the initial floor kitchen out for cooking lessons or parties. You can also use the operate space on the second floor, as well as catch some sun on the southern terrace, and rent meeting rooms out on the third floor.


When the center initial opened in 2011, its translucent architecture attracted very a bit of … Read the rest