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Almost everything You Want to Know About the Narita International Airport

When you believe of an international airport, what is the very first thing that comes to thoughts? If you are like numerous other Americans, you would respond with an airport that hosts flights out of the United States. Though this is true, an international airport does not have to be in the United States. In truth, international airports exist all about the globe, even if they do not have incoming or outgoing flights to the United States. Essentially, this indicates that international airports can be anyplace in the planet, like Japan.


If you are preparing on flying to or from Japan, there is a great opportunity that you will use the Narita International Airport. Even if you do not end up using the Narita International Airport, there is a good chance that you will come across it in your search. This is since the Narita International Airport is identified as … Read the rest

Brother Printer LTD – The Best Japanese Printer Company

You will find a lot of printer companies around the planet these days that it’s difficult to assist maintain track of them. Increasingly more companies are exploring the possibilities thrown open by the growing demand for printers and are coming out with new models promising much better top quality and reliability. Nevertheless, you will find some companies who’ve carried out pioneering function with regards to printing technologies and happen to be there all through the course from the printer history. The Brother Printer Company is one such manufacturer who has generally been associated with leading high quality printers.

The Brother Industries

Brother Industries Ltd is truly a Japanese business that produces a diverse selection of goods such as label printers, printers, multifunction printers, machine tools, sewing machines, typewriters and numerous other computer related electronics. Around the planet of printers the Brother Printer Company is recognized for its top quality, reliability, … Read the rest

Cheapo Weekend for November 1-3: Ramen, Fighter Jets and Chrysanthemums


|credit| Photo by ARTS_fox1fire employed below CC

It’s however an additional long weekend in Japan, and there are a lot of cost-free and cheapo issues to do. You can recover from the Halloween madness with a ramen binge, choose up some used books and park off outdoors on a designer chair, catch a vibrant dance festival and see an air show also. If you are not in Tokyo currently, what are you waiting for?

We recommend easing into the post trick-or-treating weekend with a stroll around the Koenji Festival, which requires place on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a chilled neighborhood festival with excellent grub, music and activities for the kids. Whilst you are that side of Tokyo, head more than to Komazawa Olympic Park for a bowl or ten of ramen noodles at the Tokyo Ramen Show, which is on till Monday.

If you’re into books, you’ll want to discover … Read the rest

November-December Cheapo Calendar: 5 Events Not to Miss

There are so numerous fantastic free events happening in Tokyo in November and December that it was tough deciding on just 5 for this bimonthly events wrap. But we had to (because the editor stated so). Right after considerably discount coffee fuelled deliberation, right here is our choose of pure cheapo awesomeness to take you by way of to the new year.

1. Tokyo Chrysanthemum Exhibition: November 1st- 23rd


|credit| Photo by sigusr0 used beneath CC

Now in its 100th year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition is regarded as Japan’s prime occasion when it comes to kiku, as the delicate flowers are known in Japanese. Chrysanthemums are held in high regard in the nation – the bloom is featured on Japan’s Imperial Seal and pops up on Japanese passports and in other areas (including the controversial Yasukuni Shrine).

At the show you can count on leading-notch blooms, and … Read the rest

American, Jetstar sign codeshare deal

American Airlines on Wednesday announced a codeshare agreement with Jetstar Japan.

Owned in component by AA joint company partners Japan Airlines and Qantas, Jetstar Japan serves 10 destinations in Japan with a fleet of 18 Airbus A320 aircraft.

Beginning Oct. 26, AA will add its code to Jetstar service in between Tokyo Narita International Airport and Fukuoka, Matsuyama, Okinawa, Osaka and Sapporo.

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Basic Guide to Giving and Receiving Directions in Japanese

When living the cheapo life, the final thing you want to do is get lost and be forced into a costly taxi ride. Building on final month’s guide to transport Japanese, in this post we’ll cover the basics of giving and receiving directions in Japanese so you can usually find your way to your location, with out paying for the privilege.


|credit| Photo by Alex

Asking for Directions

Let’s begin off with the most fundamental question that you can use for all occasions:

English (E): Excuse me. Exactly where is …?
Japanese (J): Sumimasen. … wa doko desu ka?

If you want to be a bit a lot more fancy and specifically ask an individual how to get to a particular spot, you could say anything like this:

E: Excuse me. How do I get to …?
J: Sumimasen. … ni wa dōyatte ikimasu ka?

Police boxes are always a good place to ask for directions.

Police boxes are always great

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G Adventures launches rail program

For 2015, G Adventures has added 25 rail-primarily based itineraries to its trip styles, featuring rail vacations in 20 nations in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

The rail trips had been produced to meet demand for inexpensive train-primarily based trips, according to G Adventures, and they are being pegged as a midrange travel option for adventurous, price range-conscious travelers.

The rail-based itineraries variety from between seven and 54 days in length, and they all rely on trains as the principal mode of transport. Nations contain Bulgaria, Canada, China, Hungary, India, Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, South Africa and the U.S. The rail itineraries will be featured as an insert in G Adventures’ 2015 Earth brochure, which is obtainable now.

Like G Adventures’ non-rail itineraries, the rail trips will incorporate cultural encounters such as house stays, home-cooked meals with local households and visits to projects run by the operator’s non-profit organization, … Read the rest

Tokyo Cheapo 101: Beginner’s Guide to Tokyo


New to Tokyo Cheapo? Study this. We’ve place together an introductory guide that will support you use our (invaluable) sources to get the most out of Tokyo on a spending budget. From affordable ramen to low-cost techniques of acquiring from the airport into town and a lot more, do not set out till you’ve had a appear at our funds-saving tips (and random cute animals).

Welcome to Tokyo – one particular of the most pricey cities on the planet! This is a location exactly where it’s easy to devote upwards of three 000 yen (30 US dollars) per particular person on a easy meal, if you don’t know exactly where to look. That’s where we come in. We’ll guide you to very good bargains so you can save some yen with out scrimping on your experience of this crazy capital city.

Pic by Peter Broster, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Pic by Peter Broster, employed below a Inventive Commons

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Rangiroa: The life aquatic and more

Dolphins at Tiputa Pass on Rangiroa.On Rangiroa, you swim with sharks, not dolphins. The dolphins are too busy flying.

Rangiroa is overshadowed by sister islands Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea and Tetiaroa, aka Brando Island. But soon after spending five days on “Rangi,” I’d say it’s a great complement to any of these.

Rangi has lengthy been identified to scuba divers for its crystal-clear waters in what is the biggest lagoon in French Polynesia.

As a snorkeler, I saw a lot of sea creatures there I hadn’t observed in the wild before, including an octopus, two varieties of sharks, humpback unicorn fish and giant clams with “lips” ranging in colour from light tan to blacklight psychedelic blue.

But even landlubbers will locate that its spectacular marine life is surprisingly accessible. The sea is so abundant with life that even if I had never gotten my toes wet, I could claim bragging rights to viewing dolphins, humpback … Read the rest

Using a Free VPN to Watch Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer in Japan


Photo from Shutterstock

Ah, the tyranny of distance that denies we English speakers in Japan our fix of top quality Tv!  Wait, is this 1985? Of course not, and the Television production firms do not need to load their film reels on a coal fired steamship to get them right here either. However, you would be forgiven for pondering this offered the massive delays and the archaic delivery approaches. Want to catch up on series three of Breaking Undesirable?  Well if you’re convinced by eiga dorobo man you’d greater head down to Tsutaya and hope the DVD is in stock – and good luck receiving something made in the last year. The well-liked option is of course to download a torrent. What ever your moral stance, there are two issues that suck with torrents. Firstly, they’re really illegal. Secondly, the discovery and the encounter is rubbish – poor quality video, … Read the rest

Rosewood enters Asia with Beijing opening

Luxury hotelier Rosewood Hotels &amp Resorts has entered the Asia Pacific region with Thursday’s opening of the Rosewood Beijing.

The 283-room hotel, with an average of 540 square feet per guestroom, is located across from across from the city’s CCTV Tower. The hotel includes six restaurants and bars as nicely as a glass-domed indoor swimming pool, and has 36,000 square feet of meetings space.

Rosewood operates 19 hotels in 10 countries, such as New York’s Carlyle, Dallas’s Mansion on Turtle Creek and the Rosewood London.

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Cheapo Weekend for October 25-26: Halloween Parades and More


|credit| Photo by Buz Carter

Ready for some pre-Halloween entertaining in Tokyo? This weekend the city will be crawling with characters all sorts of creepy and cute. So get your costume, grab your camera and enjoy one particular of the several Halloween parades – and these other fun events also.

The two greatest Halloween parades both occur in central Tokyo on Sunday. The well-recognized Omotesando Halloween Pumpkin Parade tends to make its way by means of the snazzy streets of Omotesando and Harajuku, with trick or treating at stores in the region. It’s super kid-friendly – if your tiny ones are beneath 12, they can even participate (with advance registration). Meanwhile over in Shinjuku you can catch the Magic of Halloween Parade outside JR Shinjuku Station. The parade will be led by Anna Tsuchiya (of Kamikaze Girls fame), which gives the occasion immediate cool points, but be warned – the … Read the rest

Contiki agent sales up 25%

Contiki is seeing a 25% year-over-year increase in sales through travel agents after introducing a five-person trade sales team last year.

Bookings over all up in double digits, said Melissa da Silva, president of Contiki in the U.S. She said that part of that is due to the increase in sales generated by travel agencies.

The five-person sales team works with agents to help them develop marketing plans to attract millennials.

Contiki has introduced six new destinations: Morocco, Portugal, Belize, Colombia, Guatemala and Japan.

It has also revamped its website for travel agents, making its booking engine simpler, da Silva said.

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Hilton makes Myanmar debut

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Which Japan Rail Pass to Choose

JR IIdabashi Station Ticket Gates

JR Passes are obtainable to anyone visiting Japan on a brief term tourist visa.  They are a wonderful discount on typical rail travel, but if you don’t have any expertise with Japan’s rail transport technique it is hard to know if you need to have it and which 1 you should get.  To add to the confusion, the numerous regional businesses that constitute JR (JR East, JR West, JR Central, JR Hokkaido, JR Shikoku and JR Kyushu) all have their personal passes.  Each is priced differently and has distinct conditions.  To try and place some of the confusion to rest, we’ll try to clarify the exact situations of the principal JR Pass and that of the two greatest regional firms – JR East and JR West and hopefully give you sufficient information so you can make a decision which one to get.

The JR Pass

Acquire: ACP Rail

This pass … Read the rest

Universal Beijing slated to open in 2019

China’s very first Universal theme park was authorized by the country’s government and is scheduled to open its first phase in 2019.

Universal Beijing, which will be developed by a partnership amongst Beijing Shouhuan Cultural Tourism Investment Co. and Universal Parks &amp Resorts, will cost about $ 3.27 billion to build.

Its initial phase will occupy 300 acres close to the Beijing-Harbin Expressway, whilst the park will expand to 1,000 acres.

Universal operates theme parks in Los Angeles and Orlando, and licenses parks in Osaka and Singapore.

The firm was acquired by Comcast last year.

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Freelance Photographer in Tokyo: Interview with Cheapo Lisa of Paint With Stars



Curious about what it’s like to be a freelance photographer in Tokyo? Here’s some insight into what it is all about.

How lengthy have you been in Tokyo and exactly where had been you ahead of?

I’ve lived in Tokyo for about 5 years now, and I moved right here from Northern California.

What brought you to Japan/Tokyo?

I’ve had an interest in Japanese language, culture, and media because middle school, and the interest progressively ballooned as I discovered more. The deal was sealed soon after I fell in enjoy with Japanese music and met several Japanese exchange students at my university I was moving to Tokyo right after graduation.

Tell us a bit about your operate life in Tokyo?

I 1st worked as a full time English instructor with a firm for two years, then a full time “OL” for two years, all the although creating my interests and … Read the rest

Carnival moves toward shipbuilding in China

Carnival Corp. stated it signed a memorandum of understanding that could lead to a cruise ship getting built in China.

The memo is an agreement among Carnival Corp. and the China State Shipbuilding Corp. (CSSC) to discover the formation of a joint venture.

The aim of the venture would be to construct a modern cruise ship in China collectively.

China State Shipbuilding Corp. is the largest shipbuilder in China, according to a Carnival Corp. announcement.

The Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri could companion in the joint venture need to it be formed, Carnival Corp. mentioned.

There is no firm agreement to build yet, nor is it clear who would own or operate any ship that final results from the joint work.

Carnival Corp. mentioned the venture is “aimed at accelerating the improvement and growth of the Chinese cruise industry.”

The agreement was made official at an Oct. 14 signing ceremony at the … Read the rest

Tokyo Cheapo T-Shirt Shop Re-Launched!

Tokyo Cheapo is tremendously overjoyed to announce the re-launch of our t-shirt shop in conjunction with Tokyo designer Hawken King.


Along with a bigger variety of shirts devoted to cheapo icons such as everyone’s favourite discount shop Donki, the value of our original “I’m a Tokyo Cheapo” shirts has had a big price tag cut – from $ US25 down to $ US16.99.

Wear your cheaponess with pride and show your help for the a single and only guide to enjoying Tokyo on the cheap.

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Radisson Red to open in Shenyang, China

Carlson Rezidor signed the 1st development agreement for its Radisson Red “way of life choose” brand, for Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province in northeast China.

Radisson Red Shenyang Hunnan will have 300 rooms when it opens in 2016. The hotel is element of a mixed-use improvement that will also incorporate the Radisson Blu Shenyang.

The home, which will have two meals and beverage outlets, will be created by Shenyang New Occasions Investment Co.

Carlson Rezidor, which has a lot more than 1,300 hotels worldwide beneath brands such as Radisson, Radisson Blu and Park Plaza, announced the Radisson Red badge earlier this year, saying at the time that it hoped to have as many as 60 of them operating by the finish of the decade. 

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